Concert 2019

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Concert 2019

Post by DICEYUK » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:02 pm

Well I haven't seen it yet but I'm going on June the 18th.
However, I have watched several, mostly low quality videos, and I have read lots of reviews on different websites.
My feeling at the moment is that every artist is trying to outdo all the other artists by having more lights, more effects, more gimmicks and being more spectacular than anybody else and Mylene is no different.
Sadly, in this never ending rush to produce the biggest and best visual show something has to give and usually it is the music and the sound that suffers.
I think where I'm sitting I will need binoculars to see anything, unless of course I look at the umpteen screens around the arena which is really like watching it on DVD.
Bigger is not always better.
The set list is all a bit predictable and while there are a couple of pleasant surprises do we really need to have 50% of the show made up of songs that have been sung before at previous concerts.
Mylene has a wealth of great songs that have never been performed live in front of an audience and to not have a few more of those included is a disappointment.
Nevertheless, I am still really looking forward to the 18th and although it's probably not her best show, I will enjoy it.
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Re: Concert 2019

Post by Ioana_2003 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:11 pm

I watched some clips as well and this is exactly what I imagined. I don't think she sings live the whole concert and that is ok with me. She is mostly famous for her shows and not her singing abilities. Her angelic voice is only angelic when she sings in studio and everything is touched up after that. At least that's my opinion.
Making shows is Mylene's thing according to me. I don't think she is very good at singing but she is extremely creative and art runs in her blood. She is such an intelligent person and that's why she has that long lasting fame. She will never do concerts like Lara Fabian for example where she only sings and there's a bit of lights and that's it. Lara Fabian and Celine Dion are the singers that you WANT to listen (not watch) and enjoy immensely. These two things are way different i.e. making a show and singing like an angel. I am not saying that Mylene can't sing but she is not born to be a singer. Keep in mind that I have never seen her live. But that's about to change hopefully. June 15 is my date.

P.S. Is Mylene a smoker or is it just me thinking she is?

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